Alpaca papercraft

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Alpaca papercraft.

Solving a 3D puzzle, like a papercaft construction kit, can bring positive effects along the way reaching completion.  Getting off screen for a while, joining forces with a loved one and being proud for finishing the ‘sheet to sculpture’  process. Every project is a mindful journey and might be meditative, but sometimes also a little bit of a pain in the *ss. It takes about 5 hrs to cut, fold and glue this papercraft kit. There are several detail options within this kit, such as white inner ears and caramel nose detail.

Size: 70x27x22 cm

The Alpaca kit contains:
- 3 large coloured templates
- 1 white template with additional details
- a test shape to practice
- folding and building instructions
- fast drying glue
- a folding lath

Add scissors / little craft knife and that’s all you need to assemble this Alpaca yourself.

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